How to get to Nova Scotia, National Geographic style

Today is the very first posting in a new category I have decided to do, “Pages from the Past.”  All I’m doing in this case is finding things in older books, magazines, newspapers and posting them for your pleasure.  Now keep in mind, I’m only 27 so what I might consider old and kind of amusing you might remember fondly as ground breaking, and for the younger crowd, yes I too am ancient!  It’s all your own perspective after all.

Our very first comes from the July 1974 National Geographic and is an ad by the Nova Scotia Tourism board.

Okay, so it’s not the most exciting ad to look at, there is a heck of a lot of writing, but I love the horse pulling the car and the way some of the sentences are phrased.  I also get a kick out of seeing that Nova Scotia really hasn’t become all that much more creative in our advertising.  The TV ads still put me to sleep and really don’t make me want to come visit this province that I even live and adore.  Ah, Nova Scotia, you have so much to offer, now if only you had ever figured out how to market yourself!

** I apologize for the horrible copy of this ad, I took it with my camera as I couldn’t figure out how to use my roommates scanner.  I’ll try to do the rest of the black and white ones at work, and hopefully take better photos of color pages. **


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