Long talks and late nights

Last night I received one of those totally random Facebook posts from a friend, she wanted to know what my tattoo was again!  Granted she has never seen it on me, but she was the first person I showed the design to when I picked it out, three years prior to getting inked!  Yes, I’m cautious like that, hell I’d been planning on getting one since I was 14 or 15 and I didnt’ actually pick the design until I was 21 or 22.  I finally got the Tat when I was 25!  Anyway, this isn’t about my tattoo, this about my friend.  Normally when she messages me I just send a quick one back and off we go, I’m not too sure why, but this time when I wrote her back I asked if she was still online and on msn, and if she was I’d log in.  You know we’d chat.  I’m really glad she was still online.

About 3 years ago now Lis moved out West to finish school and at this time both of us seemed to think we’d pushed the other person away.  While there were reasons behind our irrational thoughts those are not something for sharing with the whole wide world on this Internet thingy.  Due to both of thinking the other wanted nothing to with us anymore we just let ourselves drift apart and mourned the loss of our friendship.  You see, all the university the two of us were inseparable, we became the best of friends.  There was no topic to scared to not share, no word we would hold back, not one thing we wouldn’t stand by the other for, and then we both went and became stupid.  In our “defense” we were young (24 and 23) and very naive.  In other words, the two of us who could talk about ANYTHING, had failed to talk about everything.  For the last 2.5 years, since my last relationship ended, I’ve been wishing there was a way to fix us, but too scared to try to talk to Lis or do anything about it.  I don’t know what lead to it, but yesterday during our little chat, we finally had our big chat.  And do you know what?  I have one of my best friends ever back!  We may be separated by four time zones and a five-hour flight but we’re not separated by ourselves anymore 🙂

Now that things are where there should have been for the last while we’re making plans and guess what those are?  One of the main reasons for this blog that I haven’t really had anything to post about since I started it.  Have you figured it out yet?  I’ll give you a hint, it needs this:



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3 responses to “Long talks and late nights

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  2. Lis

    I love the “went and became stupid” comment. Sums up the whole thing rather well doesn’t it?

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