Princess for a day

This past weekend my co-worker’s daughter turned 6, and being a typically 6-year old girl, she LOVES princesses.  For this very reason my co-worker organized a princess party at the big birthday event.  Well, since she’d be so busy running around getting the party set up, and helping her daughter pick out which princess dress to wear she asked me to make the birthday cupcakes.  Yep me…and do you know what?  She even offered to pay me!  My first paying customer, what a thrill.

Since the birthday girl is not only a lover of everything princess, she’s also quite the little girly girl, I selected to top the cupcakes – chocolate and vanilla, to appeal to all kids – with a super fluffy icing tinted pink.  I had considered using a butter cream and trying to beat extra air in somehow, or folding it into some kind of whipped topping, but I knew neither method was going to get me quite the look I was aiming for.  Whipped cream would have been perfect if it wasn’t so perishable, prone to falling and the birthday girl didn’t suffer occasional lactose intolerance.  Finally I settled for hitting up my best friend Google and searching my exact requirements – soft and fluffy icing.  Loads came up, picking one was not easy.  Finally I came across one promising looking recipe, well the picture that was with the recipe was promising, and I chose to try that one.  I don’t remember where I got the recipe, or what they actually called it, but look at the softness, the fluffiness and the form of that icing!  

I personally loved the flavor of this icing, it’s not as sweet as the typical icing found on cakes and cupcakes and the mouthfeel was something wonderful.  It had all the good textures of whipped cream, rich ice cream and delicate pudding without any of that heavy, thick coated feeling they can leave on your tongue.  Mmm, I think it’s my new favorite icing.  Of course since these cupcakes were for a little princess I couldn’t leave them with just a pretty pink coat, I needed to up the ante a little.  I made fondant crowns to sit on top!  I don’t have any pictures of the crowns topping the cupcakes because I left those for my co-worker to place on top not long before serving since my fondant is very soft and prone to melting – don’t ask how I know – and these were being picked up the day before the party.  I suppose I should check if she took any photos and scam one or two from her for my self.  Just picture one of the following babies perched on top of that pink cloud.

I’m glad to report that while the icing was apparently not a hit the cupcakes and crowns were a huge success and there was none of either left by the end of the party!  Next cupcakes on my to do list (unless some sort of holiday falls between now and the 12th that I’m not aware of) are M’s 10th birthday ones.  I’ll bring you along for the ride with those ones as well.



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4 responses to “Princess for a day

  1. Marjanne

    Love the cupcake story and the crowns were awesome idea!!

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