Cancelled Road Trips

My friend Jana and I were going to go on an impromptu road trip down to Minto, NB on Sunday.  Just for the day, nothing longer.  However that trip is no longer going to happen.  See there was a reason behind it, a very good one, and I must admit I’m rather sad that is no longer happening.  You see there was this dog, a very sweet little boy who really needed a home, and I was going to give him that home.  Not only was I excited but C was too, he would have been a GREAT friend for M.  Sadly another person beat me to the sweet boy, but just a few hours.  Thankfully he was going to be a surprise to M, I would have hated to have to break this news to her.  I guess that dog just wasn’t meant to be mine.  

You know, I think Oliver and Barkis might be jumping for joy right now.  After all, this means they don’t have someone new to break in!


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