Peter Pan

Last night I blogged about my conversation with M after her and her best friend A came home from going to the opening night Peter Pan at the Neptune.  Well, the trip to Neptune wasn’t the only part of the fun for the girls. 

Since yesterday was my half Friday I picked the girls and my friend’s 11-year old son up from School (lets call him D) – side note, look at me being all Mom like!  Wow, I can now see why people with more than two kids get a Mini-van, between the three kids, all their stuff and the Girl Guide cookie cases in my trunk we almost didn’t get everything in!  Once everyone had snacked, napped and/or read, the girls got to start playing dress up.  I had to get A’s hair up in curlers, which was a learning process for me, having never used curlers before!  While A was a little bit nervous since I wasn’t her Mom she was super good-natured and we worked together wonderfully.  I even was getting loads of smiles and giggles from her by the end of it 🙂  Once A’s hair was setting, I heated up my straightening iron and smoothed out M’s hair, not that she really needed it, but that’s what she wanted.

Since there was nothing more to do with M’s hair, and A’s was just going to be left to set for a while the girls headed off to play N64 with D while I prepared supper.  After feeding two hungry girls (D was going to eat at home) I shipped them off to get into their dresses and do their make-up.  By the time they had put on enough Make-up to make them happy – M wore FAR more than A – and I’d managed to get A’s hair out of the curlers there was only a few minutes left to take pictures of them before M’s Nanny and Grampy came to pick them up.  

Wow, the girls were so excited about the play and getting ready that it rubbed off and on me and I had a great time helping them get ready.  I must admit, I had so much fun that I’m really happy M decided she wanted to come home to get ready (it was an early birthday celebration for her).  Besides, who can say no to two very cute and still affectionate girls.  Not I that’s for sure!

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