An acutal conversation

The following is the conversation I had with M when she got home from seeing Peter Pan with her best friend, her Nanny and Grampy.

Me: After you girls hang up your coats I want you to go get your PJ’s on.

M: After we have a popsicle right?

Me: No! You’re getting your PJ’s on.

M: What about a popsicle?

Me: Do you have any idea how late it is?

M: Around 10 (pm)?

Me: It’s 10:50 pm, WAY past your bed time.

M: What about half a popsicle?


Who is she to think she can get away with insisting on having a popsicle at almost 11 at night.  Jeeze, and I’m not even a parent.  I love her, but I am again reminded why I am not planning on having any of my own.


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