Who says Germans aren’t funny?

Growing up, and even still, I always hear people referring to Germans or people of German descent (myself being first generation Canadian on one side) as dry, humorless people.  Maybe it’s just a very different sense of humour from the North American style – for the record, I don’t get most North American humour – but we have  a great sense of humour.  Just to prove it to everyone I would like to present one of many clips by the fantastically funny Michael Kessler from Kesslers Kniggle.

10 Drugs Not to Take While Driving

I highly suggest you go to his youtube channel and check out some more of his 10 things not to do…” they are well worth it.  Oh yeah, for those of you who do not speak/read German, the video’s on his site all have English subtitles, and the drugs (in order) are: heroin, marijuana, LSD, Cocaine, Alcohol, Valium, Ecstasy, Glue, Absinth and all together!



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2 responses to “Who says Germans aren’t funny?

  1. Kathrin

    Hey! You are so right. I think we germans have also humor! 🙂 At least we had a lot of fun and hey I am german!

    • kirstenh

      Isn’t that the truth! On a totally different note, I hope you are doing well. Wish you were either here for a visit, or I was there! 🙂

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