Look at what the Easter Bunny brought!

He very kindly left a tasty treat sitting around on the bottom shelf of our fridge!  One that everyone in this house, cats included (!), ended up being able to enjoy.  Don’t worry, I didn’t feed any to the cats, but they did get the decorations to play with.  Do you want to see what was left behind?  Well, here it is:

While this cake may be considerably less extravagant looking than any others that I have posted in the last while, it was the most delicious of them!  I also love the simple elegance of this cake over the more detail oriented ones I have been making – don’t worry I’m still making detailed ones!  The cake base was a chocolate cake made from GF oat flour (Jacki if you are reading this, go to this page and try the cake, it will make your worries that much less!).  Oh wow, it was so flavorful and rich without being too heavy or unhealthy.  Now this is a cake that can stand up to some serious decorating and eating!  The only thing I did differently was double the recipe (as my pans apparently held considerable more batter than hers) and instead of using cinnamon, which I can not stand the flavor nor smell of, I used nutmeg and allspice.  I can not recommend this cake enough to anyone who is gluten-free or wants to eat a healthier cake that does not taste healthy.  

The really neat thing about this cake was that I used one of the fill pans from Wilton, as can be seen here.  Since I forgot to take a picture of the cake once it had been cut into, please allow me to borrow from Wilton and show you the inside of their Red Raspberry Velvet Cake instead.  Just picture a chocolate ganache coating the cake instead of their lovely white chocolate curls:

photo borrowed from Wilton.com, please click here to see the orignal.  Thank-you Wilton!

The heart filling in my cake was done with a lovely raspberry whipped cream as both raspberries and cream go so wonderfully with chocolate.  I then proceeded to ice the entire cake with fresh whipped cream, reserving some for the next on top, and pours a simple raspberry chocolate ganache over to the top of the cake.  There was nothing complicated about any parts of this cake, however everything came together wonderfully.  The only way it could have been better was if I had fresh raspberries in the whipped cream nest as opposed to the little plastic eggs.  I guess I’ll just have to make this same cake again as a Summer cake instead of an Easter cake and do just that.


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