Spring has sprung…

…and with it came Summer-like temperatures, right now it’s 23 C and sunny outside!  I think that is as warm as last Summer ever got, or something close.  All weekend has been gorgous and this changing of the seasons brought out my need to clean.  By now I swear this apartment has been this clean since we moved in.  The only area’s I didn’t clean were C and M’s rooms, and I almost went in to clean M’s, however I have decided to use that as leverge for doing something fun tomorrow as I took the day off of work to stay home with her.  You should have seen the amount of crap that I removed from this place.  There were four large bags of recycling, 7 medium bags of garbage, a box of cardboard, 7 medium bags of donations, plus two small tables that weren’t being used and just taking up space.  I also had to go through five boxes of National Georgraphics for duplicates and to inventorize the ones that were “new” to me.  Over half were keepers!  Yes Mom, I’ll go through the ones sitting in your basement next time I’m home, I promise.   

Even the cats are enjoying this weather.  They spent most of Friday and yesterday outside, and would have loved to head out again today.  Sadly they are both stuck inside until I managed to get new leads that are Barkis teeth proof.  The little bugger got tangled up and instead of crying for help like they normally do, he decided to chew through his lead.  Of course he’s not too bright so he chewed through the part that was loose and wouldn’t free him anyway.  

Oh yeah, Happy Easter!  Hope the Easter Bunny found everyone, be posting about the treat the Easter Bunny left for us in my next cake post.  Until then, enjoy your Spring 🙂


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