Just over a week ago little Barkis had an emergency trip to the Vet.  My God, I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been quite so stressed as I was right then.  One minute my little boy was fine, the next I was worried about if he was gonna be around much longer.  I’m sure I sound like I’m being mellow dramatic, however the concern truly was that high.  If you have, or have had, a cat, particularly a male cat, you know all about the serious nature of crystals and a blockage.  Barkis had a complete blockage.

Barkis being super cute 🙂

That Thursday I had to stop at the Pet store to get cat food, so I wasn’t home until about 6 o’clock.  When I walked in the door both cats started asking for supper. Both boys downed their food, as they usually do, and then Barkis and I had some of our usual after supper snuggles.  In other words I picked him up and wouldn’t let him go until he gave me that aggrieved look he is so good at.  About 45 minutes later I hear Barkis down the hallway crying away.  Being as he is a talker I really didn’t pay him much attention, and none after I called him and he came running to snuggle and play.  However, when I was petting him if I pet him along his lower back and tail he would put out a very pained cry, needless to say I started paying far more attention to what he was up to.  Not much later he appeared to be in distress and when he got up to wander off I followed him to my bed where I found him squatting on a bag and trying to pee.  As much as he strained nothing more than one tiny little drop came out.

Barkis trying to snack on my camera bag – just before being scolded.

Well, within five minutes I had talked to my Vet office, got him in the carrier, thrown on my jacket and shoes and left a message for C and M to let them know that neither Barkis nor I would be home when they got in.  Since by this time it was almost 8pm I had to go to the emergency vet and I was there in record time, actually a minute or two before they even opened.  Being as I was the first person there we were seen right away.  Just after he was weighed the tech went to get the Vet and I looked down at Barkis and saw that his back leg was soaked.  Let me tell you I have never been so happy to see cat pee in my life!  Somehow the little bugger managed to clear his blockage 🙂  

C and Barkis having a very serious discussion.

Now my little boy is on wet food, Oliver as well for the sake of being fair, and just completed a course of pills.  He is back to being his bad self and getting in to trouble.  Why just last night he refused to stop digging in the bedroom garbage.  Everyone in this household is happy to have Barkis home and in good health again.  Here’s to hoping we don’t have to go through another episode like that.


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