Ribbon Roses

Okay, so Valentine’s day may have been several days ago.  I may have baked a cake for it (briefly mentioned here).  I also may have promised photos of it and not yet come through for you, kind of like with the new car – as an aside, the weather is looking promising for a dull photo shoot of the car this weekend.  What can I say, I’ve been rather distracted by the obsure sports event that has been going on.  Has anyone else heard of this thing known as the “Olympics?”  Everytime they roll around I try to avoid watching them because I know if I start I will have a hard time stopping.  Well, at least I’ve seen two of our three Golds get won, one of our Silver, and one of our Bronze, and there are still HOW many days left?  This is awesome.  GO CANADA!  I’m so proud of how we’re doing.  Hey, maybe I should make an Olympics cake…well, maybe not, it might take me until the 2012 Games to post photos of that one.

Right, cake photos, the whole point of this post.  On Saturday while creating my Chinese New Years cupcakes, I also spent a few hours getting creative with a cake for M, C and myself on Monday.  We celebrated a day late as M was with her Dad for Valentines day.  When I started my cake the only plan I had was that I wanted it to be a fondant cake, nothing else, so long as it was fondant, I would be happy.  I started out with just a layer of white fondant, and then let the cake guide me.  I quickly noticed that there was dent at the bottom that I didn’t like, and had to come up with a way to hide it.  My first thought was to make a fondant ribbon and run it along the base.  As I was getting set up to do just that I spied my fondant flower cutter and press, and thought I could make a flower border.  It took WAY longer than the ribbon would have, but I love the way it turned out.

Next I thought that I’d mix up some violet colored fondant and cut out hearts to place around the top.  As I was kneading in the color, I realized that it was turning into a beautiful swirly look, and decided to stop mixing and start rolling.  I pulled out my new cookie cutters, I had also been thinking about making valentines cookies and taking them in for everyone at work but ran out of time, and cut 8 hearts out.  I then spaced them evening around the top of the cake, creating a nice, yet large, border.

Last, but not least, I decided the cake needed some hight to it.  While the two different borders I’d added were very pretty, they were fairly flat and boring.  Let me tell you, the number of different ideas I thought through before settling on my final one was staggering.  I was considering melting chocolate and making chocolate heart outlines and standing them up.  I considered making a bunch of butter cream and piping roses.  Oh, I don’t even remember the rest of my ideas, but none of them seemed right.  I even walked away from the cake, took a bath, made a fresh cup of tea, and then came back.  Finally I remembered those cute ribbon roses that I used on the cupcakes a I made for the Guides (see here) and decided to make a bouquet to place in the centre of the cake.  I decided to use up both the violet and pink colored fondant as they were already mixed, and would tie the two different areas of the cake in.

Well, if I may say so myself, not only did the cake look pretty, M was rather impressed by it, but it tasted good too!  We still have half a cake sitting on our kitchen table, but considering the size of it, we’ve managed to eat a good chunk of it.  Hum, now that I’ve finally posted about the cake, I think I might go get myself another slice, turn the Olympics back on, and continue cheering for Canada.  



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3 responses to “Ribbon Roses

  1. Marjanne

    what a beautful cake, quite a talent

    • kirstenh

      Thanks Marjanne! There’s more coming, I just need to make the Easter cake that is floating around in my brain 🙂

  2. Oh it sounds like a good cake! I could offer my assistance if you would like help eating it if there’s any left…

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