It snowed…

…and I’m stuck working 😦

Normally working on the day after snow really wouldn’t be a big deal.  After all, this IS Canada.  However, this is upsetting today for two very good reasons.  One, if I was able to stay home, I could be watching the Olympics and I’d know what medal the Canadian’s brought home today – right now all I know is that it is a Silver.  Two, there were 30 bloody centimeters of snow on the ground this morning.  That’s more snow than we’ve had ALL winter (at least I’m pretty darn sure it is).  I had to clear my car off, and do some shovelling, all of that after hearing M talk excitedly about the fact that she didn’t have school.  Sigh, there are times I truly hate being an adult.

Therefore I have decided to console myself, and everyone else who might be buried under the snow, with a video.  Needless to say, I must feature at least one of the two cats.  This video is an older one of Oliver after we received a few centimeters of snow and I decided he should go outside and burn off some of his energy – this was at the old place where I had the deck. 


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