Roses and sugar

For our next Guide meeting we are having a “Bring a Friend” night.  Being as we typically do snacks for these nights I offered up some cupcakes as I’ve been wanting to get decorating again.  As a result I spent the better part of today, Sunday, in the kitchen playing with sugar and flour.  Yes real flour.  I figured that since I’m the only gluten-free individual in the troop, and regardless one of the other leaders wouldn’t be able to eat them (she’s dairy and sugar free) I might as well just make regular cupcakes and not have to worry about eating too many of them myself!  

I pulled out my trusty “Betty Crocker” Cookbook and located my favorite cake recipe from when I was younger.  Ah, the ease of the “Busy Day Cake.”  I have many a good memory of Joy and I whipping that cake up when we wanted to bake something.  Three batches of cake later, I had 36 golden yellow cupcakes cooling on my bakers racks.  Therefore it was now time to whip up some buttercream and fondant.  The problem here was actually rather simple.  Somehow, in all my years I’d never actually made either.  For the buttercream I figured I would go with a Wilton recipe (as found here), after all, how could Wilton possible steer me wrong?  Other than requiring more milk than the recipe called for, I was very happy with it.  As a side note, if I ever get my Kitchen Aid Mixer I can’t wait to try making Italian Meringue Buttercream.  It sounds so fancy.

When the buttercream had been whipped up, it was time to tackle the one thing I’d wanted to try to make for years, but had been worried it would be too hard and finicky – Fondant.  Wow, was I ever wrong.  The recipe I used (as found here on Cake Journal) was super easy, even more so than the buttercream!  Within 15 minutes I had a beautiful mound of pure white fondant.  Now to try and put the ideas in my head onto the cupcakes.  

First I thought I’d make a whole bunch of fondant flowers, let them dry and place them on the cupcakes just before taking them to Tuesdays meeting.  Then I thought about making this cute flower and bird thing I found in with my flower cutter press thing.  I was also thinking it would be fun to cover the cupcakes in fondant and then put the flowers on them.  This third idea is the one I decided to go with, however, by the time I had fondant on the first third of the cupcakes, I realized I didn’t have enough to do ALL of them this way.  After a quick re-think, I decided to cover half of them and put buttercream rosebuds on top, and cover the other half in buttercream and make little fondant roses to place in the centres.  You know what, I’m actually really happy with how that idea turned out.  Maybe it’s not a cute or professional looking as the other ideas, but the girls now have choices, and I didn’t spend extra time making cupcakes they are just going to demolish any way.  











After all that, I think I want to make Guide Themed cookies when we invite the second year Brownies to our meeting.  I bet they’d all get a kick out of that 🙂


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