I know, I know…everyone is still waiting for pictures of the new car.  Really at this point I think you’re just waiting for an update of ANYTHING!  What can I say?  Once again life just got away from me.

The other weekend I went winter camping with the Girl Guides.  Let me tell you, that was a tiring, cold weekend, yet it was awesome.  The girls had a blast, and our 8 got along swimmingly with the 19 that the other troop brought.  M was very well behaved, though by the end of the weekend she was so tired that I felt a little like I’d developed a sudden growth.  Actually, I felt like I had two, as one of our other girls became super sookie and chose me to cling to!  The theme of the camp was pioneering, so the girls got to do a whole bunch of olden day related activities, and everyone came home with a bag of goodies.  Of course we did our best to tire them out by spending a good chunk of time running around outside.  The girls had a great time doing that, I on the other hand, nearly froze my toes off!  To add to that indignity, I had on three pairs of socks – one regular, one fuzzy warm pair and one pair of hand knit wool socks from Jana.  My toes should have stayed nice and toasty.  Even though the next camp isn’t until June, I’m already looking forward to another fun-filled weekend with the girls.  Maybe we’ll get more of our troop out this time.

Honestly, I think most of the reason life has managed to get away from me is because of Guides.  The week right before camp I organized a Chinese New Year celebration for the girls.  We did several crafts, ate some chinese treats, learnt a little about the history of Chinese New Year and discovered our Chinese animal and the really neat story that was behind that bit of history.  The girls had a blast, but I spent the better part of a week and a bit preparing and coming up with ideas for it.  Heck, I even recruited C to make a Chinese zodiac for the event since I could find a large enough that I could print off.  Thank goodness for having roomates that are also designers!  Saved my butt, that’s for sure.

Then just last week I did the computer badge with the girls.  This one wouldn’t have been so bad, but camp was the weekend between the two events was camp.  Camp of course took up all of my planning time that I would have used for the weekend, and therefore I had to put the whole thing together the Monday night before Guides.  All I have to say, is thank goodness the girls didn’t realise how much better it could have been!  That and they did have fun on the most part.  I must admit, I thought it was really cool that the other leaders were completely impressed that I made a power point presentation for it.  Heck, it was only the second or third one I’d ever done, so I was pretty impressed too!

Well, thankfully things are a little calmer again.  I don’t have to “plan” a meeting for a couple of months, though I am in charge of making sure the booking for bowling in two weeks is orgnaized, and I volunteered to bring cupcakes next week for bring a friend night.  This means I need to bake and decorate 40 cupcakes for next Tuesday.  Guess I know how I’m spending this weekend!

Oh right, back to that car you’re still waiting on photos of.  The thing is, I’m waiting for a nice sunny day, that isn’t intolerably cold so I can get the salt off of it and I won’t freeze to death taking photos!  Hopefully that day is soon.


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