New Car, Part I

Anyone who knows me personally is already aware that my Civic was totalled back in November and I acquired a new Impreza as a result.  I thought I would break the story into two parts, starting with the loss of the Civic.

On November 12th as I was heading to my part-time, seasonal job, I was involved in a multi-vehicle accident on what is known as the Magazine Hill.  I was second to last of nine cars that were involved.  Thankfully, I came out of the accident little more than shaken-up.  The only thing that I had to contend with was a smashed up car, and some mild muscle strain.  When I found out that I was never getting my Civic back I stopped by the collision centre where I’d taken it because I wanted to pick up everything that was still in it, and to take some photos.

Here is what the Civic looked like the last time I saw it…


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