On New Years Day M’s dad and stepmom (J and S) brought her new-to-her fish tank over.  Her brother had decided to sell his, and of course J had insisted that he give the tank to her.  This had put a wrinkle in C’s and my Christmas plans for M as we had planned to bring home my co-workers old tank and set it up as a big present for her.  The plus, this one involved even less cost as it came with everything, fish included!

Fish tank number 2

The included fish is a HUGE goldfish, whom M decided to name Goldie.  Not overly inventive, but a much better choice than one of our previous fish, Big Guy.  Goldie is around 5-6 inches tip to tail and all that her 10 gallon tank can handle.  Of course M is thrilled to have her OWN pet, and I’m thrilled that Goldie appears to be very low maintenance, being the resident fish “expert” and all that jazz.  I suspect that Goldie’s care used to fall to S, and other than feeding when M is here, that his care will now fall to me.

Please welcome Goldie to the family…

Goldie (sorry for the poor  quality of the photo, but fish are really hard to take good photos of.)

M is not the only one in this house who is enamoured with Goldie, Barkis has decided that since Oliver has pets (my tank and Barkis were both brought home for Oliver!) he too can have  pet, and has adopted Goldie as his own.  Barkis can spend upwards of an hour staring at Goldie and trying to catch him through the glass.  He is very determined to succeed and it is very amusing to watch.  I intend to take a video of this at some point and share it with you all.  Though until that time, here are a couple of photos of Barkis and Goldie.

Barkis staring very intently at Goldie

Draped over the couch while trying to catch Goldie

Interestingly enough, this love seems to be double-sided, as we’ve watched what appears to be Goldie attempting to get Barkis’ attention.  As soon as Barkis leaves, Goldie will come rushing to the front of the tank and either hit it, or very noisily start picking up and dropping pieces of his gravel.  So, not only do I have weird cats, we also have a rather odd fish.


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