Could it be, a late Christmas Present?

Yes, it really could be!  Finally I have some photos from the holidays.  It took a while as I had to transfer photos off of my computer for printing and to disc, so that I could delete OVER 5000 from my hard drive.  It would appear I was suffering from a severe space shortage.  I have finally completed that long and painful process, and thanks to Dad and Mom’s surprise present on my VISA I can not only print 300 of the photos and buy photo albums to store them in, but I can also print the photobooks I have created for my last two big trips – Costa Rica and Australia!  I can’t wait to have those, I put hours into creating them, and only now am I getting them.  Oh just to help hold me over until they are printed here is a one of my favorite photos from the land down under.

Darling Harbour at night

Alright, I suppose I should be getting back to the point of this whole post.  Now, just as a heads up, not all the holiday photos are great.  Don’t forget, I’ve only been playing with my DSLR since the end of November, and I didn’t start playing with my new point and shoot (P&S) until December 25th when we opened the presents (granted, I also didn’t bother to wrap it in pretty paper, the box was beautiful enough as it was!).  I did my best though, and hopefully I’ll be able to get far better shots with both camera’s next year.  Okay, here is goes!


The monster Christmas Tree we came home with.  You might have noticed that the top of tree didn’t come to a point, and this is because it was too tall for the apartment otherwise!  Additionally, we had almost half, yes I did just say half, of the tree hidden behind the wall unit.  This tree was HUGE!  Seventeen candles on the exposed side huge.

My favorite of my ornaments.  Not only is this mouse super cute, she is also made from nuts.  Her body is a walnut and I believe her head is made from a hazel nut!

The tree on Christmas Eve, all light up.

A fuzzy close up of one of the candles with the tin tinsel reflecting the light.

M in her new PJ’s in front of the tree Christmas morning.  She’s not smiling because she was to focused on blowing bubbles with her gum!

Barkis LOVED the tree this year.  He didn’t try to climb it, he did however, spend hours underneath the tree and dunking his toys in the water.

My second favorite ornament.  I picked this pewter snowflake up on the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton several years ago.  I also love the way this photo turned out.



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