It’s been almost a month since the last time I posed something.  I swear that was NOT my intention.  I guess once again time is getting away from me.  Is it true that the older you get the faster it goes?  Because wow, I must be getting old!  Actually, I know I am, the music I was listening to in Middle School, is now playing on the “Classic Rock” station.  This makes me sad, very sad.

Anyway, at this time I can’t think of anything fun and or eventful to fill you in on, and my Ontario trip to meet baby R is just a few days away.  There will posting after that I’m sure!  As a result, I thought I would add a few video’s that I finally transferred off of my camera, and let you enjoy those. 

Let’s start with a cute little video of Oliver and Barkis having an impromptu tussle, they had been snuggling, but seem to have become embarrassed by this when they realized all three of us (Charlene, M and myself) we standing over them going “awwwww.”

**EDIT: since WordPress is not co-operating right now, there will only be one video, and the other two will follow in later posts.  Sorry.**


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