Second U-pick trip

On Monday, Labour Day, M, C and I headed down the Valley and our favorite U-pick for another fun-filled afternoon of picking fresh goodies.  As you might remember that we went for a visit just a couple of months ago and came away with quite the large haul of treats.

Being as we were heading out on a holiday the farm was far more crowded than any other time I have made a trip out there.  However we didn’t realize just how much busier it would be!  As we pulled up we made the startling discovery that parking was three rows deep onto the grass!  Normally there is only one row of cars on the gravel drive.  Considering that we had just finished a 1.5 hours drive to get there, we decided not to be daunted by all the people, piled out of the car and headed up to the main house.

C had heard something on the radio about a scavenger hunt at Dempsey Corner, and the lady working there was glad to fill us in and tell us what was available to pick.  Turns out there were five scarecrows hidden throughout the farm and for everyone that the kids found – and remembered to take the corresponding ticket – the adults got 5% off of their order.  M was determined to find all the scarecrows for two very good reasons.  One: it was a fun challenge that she just couldn’t pass up, and two: she wanted to save as much money as possible.  Luckily for us, she found all of them, and we saved 25% off of everything we picked.

By the time we left, M was all exercised out, we’d saved money, and we’d picked apples, grapes, plums, beets and corn.  The grapes totally reminded me of the grapes in Mom and Dad’s backyard, just a little bit sweeter (which really isn’t saying much), and the skin was a little less thick and tough.  All in all, I feel that it was another successful trip into the Valley for some fun, food and fresh air.


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