Hurricane Bill

The computer is still being temperamental, however I have managed to get it working well enough for my needs at this time.  The good news is, I can start posting again, the bad news, I can’t watch or listen to anything with sound.  In other words, this is a great situation for everyone, and an okay situation for me.

Now that I’ve up-dated you on the part that no one other than my self cares about, a little about Hurricane Bill.  First things first, he was a bit of a disappointment.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m very glad that he was not a disaster, and nothing like Juan.  However, it would have been a little more worth the panic if he’d blown down a few trees, maybe pitched a boat or two.  Okay, so a few trees did come down, one of them on my street, but it was a sapling, and therefore doesn’t count.  


I’ve only heard tell of one other tree that came down, and that was out in Windsor area!  Heck, we only lost power for one hour, and most people I know never did.

We did have a fair amount of wind, and I did enjoy watching the trees blowing around.  I stuck my head out my back door for a short while and took a little 8 second video of the trees blowing around.  Here it is:

After Bill had moved on to other parts of Nova Scotia, C and I headed out to check out the “damage.”  First we headed down to the waterfront, which really wasn’t all that spectacular considering what had just passed.  We did however notice along the boardwalk that a whole bunch of seaweed had been washed up.


I know there were a ton of ships taking refuge in our Harbour.  Of course, the direction we approached from we were unable to see them.  If only we’d headed down to the Bedford Basin where they all were.

After checking out the waterfront we realized that if we headed over to Point Pleasant Park we should at least be able to see some good waves.  We did have to “sneak” in, well, go through one of the side entrances that didn’t have people hanging out in front of, and finally we were able to see some waves 🙂

I took a little video of those as well, it’s not the best as I was distracted while filming it, but it does give a fairly good idea of what the water was like.  And Mom, don’t worry, I was WELL back, and zoomed in with the camera so I was not in any danger.

Maybe Danny will be a little more exciting, but at it stands she’s only expected to be a tropical storm, so I’m not counting on it.  I’m just expecting a little more rain.


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