M and her new BFF

M and Barkis have become inseparable.  This is more on M’s end than Barkis’, but he puts up with everything she can dish out.  When she is home, poor Barkis is attached to her hip, unless she’s eating or completely distracted by something else.  He is carried around, flipped, cuddled, kissed and loved.  As I type this, she had covered Barkis is a blanket and is giving me a play-by-play account of what he does as a result!  As a result I thought I should put up a few photos of the two of them.  

Oh yeah, I should mention that Oliver is loving the fact that Barkis is being mauled non-stop.  It means he can have move alone time with Mama!  M leaves him alone since I told her he doesn’t like to play with people the same way Barkis does.  In other words, I have two very happy kitties.


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