Yesterday we loaded C, M, myself and about five bags of random stuff into the car for an afternoon of pick-you-own.  Not too sure why we had that many bags of stuff, but we did.  Our first stop was to my mechanic to get my safety done, it was due.  We dropped off the car and walked over to the closest Tim Horton’s for drinks and donuts for M and C.  After the safety we all piled back into the car and headed off to Dempsey’s Corner.  I am glad to say, M barely made a peep the whole way there, and it ended up being a very enjoyable ride.

Once we got there M was gunho to do EVERYTHING.  We picked blueberries (2 containers), raspberries (2), black currents (3), beets, onions, plums, green beans, yellow beans, early season apples and snow peas.  We also picked up some fish food to feed the fish in the pond, and to watch them jump and go crazy.  Played a little with one of the dogs they have there.  Finally, Maddie got to go digging in the sand pit for money, since they hid some small change in it for the kids to find.  She was thrilled to finally dig up a small coin, which on first glance she thought was a Penny, but when I got a chance to look at it, we discovered that it was an old 2 Pfennig from Germany.

Finally after all the picking, running, and playing we headed off to Henniger’s by Wolfville – for the record, no trip to the Valley is complete without a trip to Henniger’s.  We picked up Fudge, I got Raspberry Cheesecake and Chocolate with M&M’s…mmmm.  About five minutes after leaving Henniger’s M was falling asleep in the back seat and slept pretty well the whole way home from there!


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