New Apartment

Finally, some pictures of the new place.  Yes, I know, we moved in almost a full month ago, but really this is me.  When do I ever get things done quickly?  Procrastination is surely one of my middle names.  

Hope you all like the new place as much as I do.  Should you wish to compare to the old place, just look here.

Please note that I have not yet invaded C’s room to take photos, those will be added to this post once I do.


Here is the first photo of the kitchen.  As you can see this kitchen fits more than one person at a time far better than the old one.  It is also designed around that all important triangle design.  I love my new kitchen.


This is the other side of the kitchen.  The wonderful thing to notice here is the size of the range.  It’s a full size, not an apartment sized one!  This is great as now I can easily fit my extra large baking sheet in the oven, and there are two large burners.  Ahhh…bliss.


This here is the dining room.  Also larger than my old one, which is nice, being as that table is not exactly small.  Unlike at my old place, we’re able to use all four seats, and can easily get around the whole thing.  The dining room is located directly across from the kitchen and both have stone tile flooring.


Next up is the bathroom.  It’s nothing huge or fancy, no jacuzzi or whirlpool.  It does however have a window, which is a nice change from the last one, and a fan.  The other fantastic feature is that it has a really deep tub.  Even I can have a great soak in this one.


Here is my new living room. Once again Oma’s old map print has a focal point in the apartment.  I’m also rather fond of the coffee table sitting in the middle of the room.  I found that one for $35 online at a local buy and sell.  To make it even better, it’s solid wood!


A view of the living room in the oposite direction.  My wall unit was the most painful thing of the whole move.  We carried the thing whole down 6 stories and managed to get it into the truck.  Only to discover the next day when trying to get it into the apartment, that yes, you really could take it apart.  Sigh, I was sore for two days after, and I blame it all on the wall unit.


Miss M’s room.  The cats love her bunk bed, and often go there for naps.  M gets quite the kick out of this and seems to really like that they like her room.


The other side of M’s room.  She was very happy to be offered the use of abstract piece of art in her room.  It seemed very appropriate for a kid’s room to me.  I must admit, I was glad that she wanted it, since we’d run out of places to put it, and I really didn’t want to just throw or give it away.


Finally we make it to my room.  My old bookcase was way too full, as you can see by the old apartment photos, and I had recently aquire a couple of boxes of National Geographic magazines.  So I went out and bought two large bookcases, because one still wasn’t enough for my needs.  They are now the center pieces of the room.  That and they make a great spot for the cats to head too after climbing their cat tree.


Here is the back entrance to the apartment.  We have our own private entrance due to the way the building is set up and we’ve decided to make the most use of it as we can.  As you can see we placed on of Charlene’s old bookcases at the top of the stairs and have turned it into our outdoor storage area.

As I mentioned above, photos of C’s room are still to come, and possibly one or two of the acutal building!


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