Tall Ships

This weekend the Tall Ships were in town as part of their tour of Nova Scotia.  The arrived on Thursday and are departing tomorrow.  Question, why do they always leave and arrive on weekdays so that most people are not able to watch the parade of sail?  Other that not being able to take in the Parade of Sail, I was thrilled to have them in town again, and only two years after their last visit.  I don’t know why, but I’m completely drawn to events like that.  Heck, I don’t think you could have convinced me to stay away had you tried.  The weather was not co-operating on Friday or Saturday, so I did hold off until Sunday because I had high hopes that the weather would make a turn around and I’d be able to see them with at the least not being rained on.  Well, boy am I glad I held out, because today was one of the most beautiful days we’ve experienced this summer.  

Being as this was a work weekend, I couldn’t head down first thing in the Morning, as would have been my preference, being as I just “adore” slogging through large crowds of people, but I did zip on down as soon as I left John’s place.  After a good 20 minutes of driving around looking for a parking spot, I managed to sneak into the SuperStore parking lot and leave my car there.  I also ran into the store to pick up a bottle of sun screen, as I didn’t have any with me.  Thank goodness I did, because wow, that sun was strong.

By 2:30 I was walking along the waterfront looking at the ships, taking photos reading a little about them, and wishing I’d had the whole day and about five times as much memory in my camera.  I would have loved to buy a pass that allowed me on to all of the ships.  Oh the things I would have seen, and the photos I could have taken.  I guess I’ll just have to wait until their next visit to town, and I’m positive there will be on.  Hopefully withing another two years.

All in all, it was a fantastic time.  I’ve included a few of the photo’s I took, really, just a smattering when you get down to it – there were over 250 by the time I was done!  



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