George’s Island

Once a year Parks Canada opens up George’s Island in the Halifix Habour.  Guess what, this weekend was it!  The original plan was for Charlene, Peter (another) and myself to head over on the 10 am ferry this morning.  Yesterday afternoon, Charlene realized that Maddie was coming home from Brownie camp, and she’d need to leave on the 11:20 am ferry, leaving just over an hour to explore the island.  We decided that we would try to get on the 9 am boat instead, figuring that it wouldn’t be completely full since most people don’t like to be up and out at that hour – it would appear that we thought that one out alright, since we got on it.  Peter bailed on us a the last minute because he was out too late the night before and was way too tired to enjoy the trip.  

I really enjoyed checking out the island.  There were also sorts of great ruins to look at, and a tour of the old fort and cannons.  Heck, there were even people dressed up in costume, including a pirate who was wowing all the children.  

It’s rumoured that starting next summer George’s Island will be open all summer to visitors making it easier for people to check out this place.  


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