Trip Home

For mom’s 60th birthday I went home.  Fortunetally it fell on a long weekend – the May 2-4 weekend – and it was my Friday off!  So I managed to spend four days in Oakville without taking any time off.  Mom of course was thrilled to have both of her kids home, and let us know a few times.  For Mom’s birthday Mom and went shopping for a bit, and then her and Brian went to hit some golf balls at the driving range.  That night the whole family went for supper at Milestones and throughally enjoyed our meals.

On Saturday I hopped on the Go train and headed into Toronto for some quality time with my best friend Joy.  We spent a good long time walking from Union Station to her apartment, and then just spent the afternoon hanging out in her place and cooking supper.  It was one of those few moments where I found myself actually liking Toronto and thinking that maybe I too could pull off living there.  Of course then I take a minute to think about it, and realize, no, I’m much better off in Halifax.

The rest of the weekend was fairly low key, I went a walk with Mom and Casey one day in the Ravin, and just sort of chilled with everyone.  Needless to say, since spring arrives a few weeks earlier is Southern Ontario than in Nova Scotia I had to take the opportunity to take as many spring photos as possible.  Nor could I skip the Trilliums, man I miss those flowers some days.


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