The boys

Just some pictures of those two cats I’m so very fond of.

IMG_3955Oliver snuck into my wall unit, and of course managed to climb into one of the most akward places he could possibly have chosen.

IMG_4132Barkis tired of all the time I spent reading this book series that he planned an “intervention.”  Sadly, he didn’t take into account the fact that I could easily just remove him from on top of the book.

IMG_3932Oliver with his “big brave hunter” expression.

IMG_3938Caught in the act!  Lucky for Barkis I started them when I came to take this picture because Oliver had been winning this fight.

IMG_4246Oliver’s favorite activity is napping.  And the only way a nap can be better for him, is if he’s found some sun to rest in.  Here, he has just enough for his face, and boy does that start up the purring!

IMG_4258This look is the one Barkis uses whenever he thinks that something well out of his reach is within.  He was “hunting” a bird up on the roof of the building, a place he has no hopes or dreams of actually making it to. 


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