Family Dance

On Thrusday M, the 8-year-old daughter of my friend C, invited me to her school’s family dance.  I of course am not the kind of person to say no to a child, so of course I went.

The three of us meet up in the Halifax Shopping Centre Food Court for a quick and easy to prepare (no work on our end) supper and then headed off for an evening of dancing.  Being as I didn’t have school dances until I was in middle school, I really had no idea what an grade school dance would be like.  Turns out, it’s really a whole bunch of children, their siblings, and their parents running around the gym to dance music.  There was some dancing, mostly on the part of the kids.  Though when YMCA came on, all of us “old folk” gladly threw up our arms and sang along.  


Supper at the Halifax Shopping Centre


M and C showing of their dance moves.


M “dancing” with one of her friends – in reality, this involved alot of jumping in place while holding each others hands.

IMG_3996M in the congo line.


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