Happy New Year!

Out this way, 2008 went out with a bang, and 2009 came in with one.  We’ve been in the throws of a blizzard since about 9 pm last night.  The bulk of the problem isn’t the amount of snow falling (by my estimation, only 15 cm or so), but instead it’s the high winds.  I could see foot prints clearly in the snow not even 30 minutes ago, and now they have been completely wiped clear by the wind.  What a great start, so long as it doesn’t snow on Wednesday or Thursday I’m fine with it though.  Who knows, maybe we’ll have another snow day/power outage at work.  
I had a nice quite New Years eve.  Drank some wine, listened to the Q (my favorite radio station out this way), and pestered the cats.  Nothing exciting, but I was tired from a long three day work week (we’re at least a week behind in shipping due to all the storms that have been occurring), and didn’t want to risk getting stuck somewhere due to the incoming blizzard.  Besides, I needed to semi-rested to take down the tree, and de-Christmas my place today.  Maybe next year I’ll throw a party or something 😛
So, to warm the cockles of all our hearts, here are some pictures from the Christmas holiday celebrations.  

The box that Mom sent my presents in, the boys have been having great fun with it ever since!

Oliver watching me make cookies for Charlene and Maddie’s visit.  I like the tree in the background 🙂

Oliver hanging out after a Catnip induced high.  I gave the boys a bottle of catnip spray for Christmas, and they have been greatly enjoying the results.

Barkis playing in the foil wrapping paper from Auntie Sonja and Uncle Jim’s present.  I don’t dare throw this stuff out until he’s destroyed it, he adores it!

The boys playing on Christmas morning as I un-wrapped my stocking.

My tree with candles lit!  I’m so glad it stayed moist enough for me to light them a couple of times.  And let me tell you Maddie (she’s 8) seemed to really enjoy them when she came over and didn’t even need Charlene to explain to her that it was the “Old Fashioned” way, she started telling Charlene!  Oh, eight-year old’s are funny 🙂

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