Christmas is arriving so fast, and since I’m not making it home I am making the best of it.  So when I decided at 11:30 on Sunday night that I wanted a tree this year, I made it happen.  Well, it almost didn’t, it was kind of hard to find a tree stand!  I only have the bare minimum decorations this year, I’m waiting for the after Christmas sales to buy some up.  No point in spending a small fortune!  

Actually picking out the tree was a whole new challenge for me.  I went to a tree lot, and then I had to figure out if it would hold the candles.  Dad, I have a whole new appreciation for your skills at all of this, and on getting the candles on!  And then, getting it home.  Thankfully the guy at the lot was wonderful and got it in my car, tied my trunk down, and all that jazz.  So now it’s up, the cats have been hanging out under it.  They both keep trying to play with one ornament, so I keep moving it.  But otherwise things are good.  And since it really doesn’t look like much this year, I can’t wait until next year when I have way more stuff!
Enjoy the pictures.

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