Wicked Winter

Last night (Friday November 21) we were hit with the first real snow storm of the winter.  Two nights earlier we had the first snowfall – called a snowstorm due to stupidity on the governments part and thousands of motorists being stuck overnight on a highway, don’t even get me started on it!  Back to the real storm, between midnight and 7:30 am we received about 30 cm of snow.  This was enough to more or less shut Halifax down for a few hours, and to have me snow bound for the morning.  I was supposed to work today, but thankfully one of the other girls lives in John’s building, so she got him up for me.  There is no way I was getting out of my parking lot until some major plowing happened, and that didn’t start until around 10.  
[Here is a view of what I woke up to, you can’t really tell, but it is still snowing]

Around 1:30 I decided it was time to head out and get some butter (on sale today only at an amazing price of $2.22, limit of 2 per customer) and some regular groceries.  Besides, it looks like we’d been quite well ploughed out by now.  I head down, get to my car, and realize I’m going to have to dig myself out because the snow plow left a big pile of snow behind me.  I get out my shovel, get started, and the darn thing breaks!  I hate winter, I really hate winter.  Eventually I got out, the snow plough man was still there and he helped me dig the car out.  Sigh, it’s only November.  

[Obviously not my car, but I forgot to take a picture of mine before digging it out.  It looked something like this…]

The only thing worse than trying to get out of the parking lot, was trying to get around in the Walmart parking lot.  It was a maze, and of course they had no shovels left – guess I’m waiting until they stock back up, I really hope we don’t get another storm before then.  Or that we only get 4 cm tonight.  They’re calling for anywhere between 4 and 15 more centimeters of snow.  Fingers crossed, and the count down to Costa Rica officially begins (48 more days – which is actually closer than I thought).

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