Oliver’s Baby Photos

Since I started this blog just after getting Barkis you’ve been able to see him growing up.  However, that also means that Oliver was already all grown up, and you didn’t get to see him as the cute little kittie that he was.  So, here is a smattering of the photos that were taken in his babyhood.

That blue thing is acutally a box of Mr Sketch markers.  That’s how little he used to be!

Here is Oliver with his big Buddy Marvin (Marve).  They were so cute together…Oliver followed him EVERYWHERE!

I just love this picture of him.  He loved to play behind this screen until we finanlly put it in the window.

I guess his love for the laundry basket started young.

Just being cute.

Just goes to show how much Oliver copied Marve, even durning naps!
Oliver was very intent on helping me plant my first deck garden.  Maybe that’s why it failed so spectaularly.
He’s actually chasing a string in this one.  Note poor Marve’s cone in the background.  More on that in a bit.
Just being cute.  For almost a year this was my MSN profile photo.
Some where this is even a video of him chashing the TV fish.

He’s starting to look all grown up in this one.  I think this may have been not too long before Marv and Sarah moved out.  Boy did he miss that red pillow!

The two boys snuggling again.  I always found it funny how well Oliver blended into this couch.  Man am I glad I don’t have that one anymore!

A really little Oliver with both Marve and Elephant (Erin’s cat – and yes, that really is his name).  The three of them had a really fun day or two together.

Here is poor Marve just after we came back from the bike tour to find that he had licked through to the muscle on his hocks.  He really did not like being fitted with this cone, but it was necessary – he was still licking even though he must have been in pain.

Still in a cone, and now also with his wraps.  Because every time he sat down, dirt was getting in the wounds they got infected, so we needed to get him wrapped up.  He really hated it, but it was so cute and funny looking.

Well, there are some baby Oliver photos, and a few of Marve thrown in.  Hope they were enjoyable.

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