Take your pet to work day???

I have decided that we need an official “Take Your Pet to Work” day.  Think of how much more relaxed everyone would be!  Alas, I don’t think DBL is going to go for it.  Even though we’re all for “Bring Your Pet to the Building for an Hour to Visit” times.  I think Oliver would love to curl up on my desk at work, and Barkis, he’d have so much fun chasing all the dust bunnies!  I’ll just keep dreaming, and maybe one day, something like that will happen.
Anyway, on to the actual post.  
I was hoping for an Oliver centric post this time, as the last one was all Barkis.  It appears that Barkis just can’t stop being cute though.  There are a bit more of Oliver though, in an attempt to balance them out.  Make sure you check out the post below as it’s pictures of the Civic.  Only too 3 months!
Just being cute and sleeping on Barkis’ blanket – his foster Mom sent it with him because it smelt like all the animals in his old home.
It would appear I’m not the only one around here who likes to sleep with Dee.

Watching the fishes.  He’s actually worn a little butt grove into the chair right there!

Oliver looking at me from the back seat of my car.
Oliver having a little bit of outdoors time.
I came out of the shower and found them curled up together, with Barkis resting his head on Oliver like this. I’m glad that for once I knew where my camera was!
This is Oliver imitating a gargoyle.  I guess that’s what he wants to be for Halloween.

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