Happy Turkey Day

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!  
Yesterday I decided to cook up a feast, and I’m not torturing you with photos from it 😛  Well, actually, in spite of everything but the stuffing tasting fantastic, it was a really ugly looking meal.  Nothing like Mom’s chicken.  It didn’t brown!  Mom, what did I do wrong?  It’s always browned for me before.  Anyway, I ate well, the cats ate well – turns out Oliver fits in better than we realized, he LOVES whipped cream.  Barkis, he can take it or leave it.  Picky little bugger.
Anyway, as a Thanksgiving Day treat, I’ve got a few more photos.  My plan was to take car pictures today, because last I checked it was supposed to be sunny and warm.  It’s grey, rainy, and mild.  Sigh.
The pictures today are a little Barkis heavy.  Seems he’s the only one doing cute things lately.  Oliver is too busy either sleeping or hunting birds through the windows.  And I have yet to get a good picture of those attempts.  So, here they are.

This appears to be a new napping spot for Barkis.  I tried discouraging my boys from it, but I guess I’ve been a little lax.  I must admit, he scared me half to death when I found him.  I was half asleep, and definitely NOT expecting him.
I think Barkis thinks he’s a big scary tiger or something here.
Barkis loves to snuggle and anything will do.  Apparently my purse is very nice to hug while you sleep.  He was not happy when I put it away because I was cleaning.
Saturday night, when going to feed the fish, I looked out my living room window and saw this.  Five minutes later the sun had set.  I just about missed this, who knew it was a good thing to forget about your pets sometimes!!!
Here is one of the birds Oliver tried to hunt.  There were two, and originally they were both on my deck.  I did let Oliver out to have some fun – I knew he’d never get them.  Though when it looked like Oliver was considering jumping to my neighbours deck, I scared the birds off.  I don’t want him falling, or getting trapped on another deck!

Just a few days ago, it was still pure green when I looked out side.  This morning, you can see that Fall is truly on it’s way.  As pretty as the colors will be, I miss summer already.  In no time those trees will be bare, and ugly to look at.

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