Hurricane? What Hurricane?

Okay, I’ve been a little slow on the pictures.  I keep hoping that one of these Hurricanes they keep threatening will actually come to fruition and then I’ll have some awesome photos.  Alas, they blow in, blow out, destroy my BBQ cover, and leave no further damage in Halifax.  There’s still 1-2 months to go, we might actually get one yet.  Highly unlikely, but you never know.

Until I actually take shots of the car, here are some more pictures of the boys, and my trip down to the Valley two weeks ago.  There are only a few from the Valley, as I can’t imagine that anyone other than myself will enjoy my many photos of produce.

The boys having a little snuggle.

I think this was during Hanna, and Oliver was watching the rain come in.  I love the reflection.
I love the colors!  Colored corn looks so much better fresh, don’t you think?
The piles of lovely produce at Noggin’s Farm.  I walked away with more than I could carry for $10!!!

A selection of my purchases.  I LOVE the purple peppers, so very colorful 🙂

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