A few more picture of the fur kids

I know, I know, I need more pictures of the boys.  So here some are.  I don’t really have any narrative for these ones just some captions, since they are just a random selection.  I’ll try to get some to go with stories again sometime soon.  Besides, right now I’m more concerned with seeing what Hurricane Hanna does out this way.  She’s already destroyed my BBQ cover, here’s to hoping that is the extent of her damage!

Snuggling on my un-made bed.

I love the fuzzy reflection on my dresser.  
Oh, and the fact that he’s very cute.

Enjoying the papasan Chair.  Also his favorite place to watch the fish.

Oliver likes to be where I am, even if that means I’m working on the blog.  Hence he’s considering moving onto my desk.

Barkis still loves to follow Oliver around.  Poor little Oliver can no longer escape him, Barkis gets everywhere he can now.

Oliver trying to help me make my bed after washing day.

I love the look of disgust.

A new friend for the boys.  This is Clover my Betta.  He is also the only fish to have a name, and I chose Clover from the song title “Crimson and Clover” by Joan Jett thanks to his coloring. 

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