Home Sweet Home

Finally, the apartment photos I promised.  Jon has moved in so the common areas should now stay the same.  That means that I could finally take honest to goodness pictures and post a legitimate view of my place.  So, with no further adu, here it is.
This is my little hallway looking towards my room and the bathroom from the front door.  The door on the left is my room.  I have left out photos of the bathroom for the simple reason that I couldn’t’ seem to get any decent shots.  But believe me, it exists.

This is my bedroom, with my over full bookcase.  Apparently I either need to own less books, or get a second shelf.  I’m voting for a second shelf, once I figure out where it will fit.

Here is the living room, it would have been to the left of the little hallway up top.  As you should be able to tell, I get lots of natural light (these pictures were taken on a very grey and rainy day).  It’s a pretty good sized living room for an apartment!

Here is my dinning area with cat tree.  This way the can get up top off the closet/room divider without launching themselves off my table.  Note how well Oma’s world print fits that wall!  I think that getting that framed was the best large b-day present to myself ever. 

The kitchen can be seen both above and below.  It’s not huge, but it at least feels big and airy thanks to the opening to the living room. 

Here is a shot of just Oma’s print.

And the beautiful painting Brian got me for my birthday this year 🙂  


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