Baths for everyone!

The last couple of weeks have been busy, and needless to say, the boys have helped be the cause of it.  Sadly though, I really can’t blame the bulk of it on them.  I started my French class, which of course keeps me busy, and I leave with more German in my head than when I went in.  Sigh, why must that always be a problem for me?  Maybe one day I won’t hear French and promptly switch to German.  Fingers crossed.  The rest of my time has been spent working and trying to get my apartment back into tip-top shape.  This is where the boys help cause a problem.  Barkis loves to spread the toys out everywhere, and even though he only plays with a few, he refuses to keep the rest in the basket.  
I don’t have too many photos today, though I am hoping to get some of my fish and apartment up soon!  Just to torture you all – or in the case of Mom, make her really happy!  I’m starting out with Barkis being confused by me having a bath.  I don’t think he quite comprehends that I would willingly place myself in a bunch of water.  
Here he is staring at the water.  He looks a little confused here, I tried to get ones that showed the complete and total confusion he was experiencing, but none of them turned out.

Even though Oliver has seen several baths, he still likes to hang out, so here are both boys checking the situation out.  As you might be able to tell, Oliver looks a little less perplexed about this than Barkis does.  But still, I think they are both pretty darn cute.
We have finally progressed from Oliver cleaning Barkis, to Barkis cleaning Oliver as well.  They are both forceful when it comes to this and will try to pin the other in place so they can’t get away.  Being as Oliver is bigger, he doesn’t have a hard time of this.  Barkis on the other-hand finds that this works best if he traps Oliver first.  As demonstrated in the following photo.
Look at the squinty eyes!  They are both so content 🙂  (At this moment Oliver is not, he is sitting here staring at me and meowing – and I have no idea what he is trying to tell me!)
After a being cleaned for a bit, the one that is being bathed gets tired of it, and usually just trying to escape.  However, this time, it seems that Oliver decided to retaliate and grabbed Barkis‘ neck to give it a firm bite.  The reason I love this photo is that it actually looks like they are hugging each other.  Such brotherly love.
Even though I tend to tell about the times the boys fight, or pester each other, they do love each other.  Sometimes they even show it.  On my B-day weekend, I was hanging out watching NCIS (which is what I had decided I wanted to do for my B-day this year – everyone was away being as it was the long weekend) and they curled up with me, and each other.  Unfortunately I had to get out of the picture to my camera, but here you can see them spooning as well as cats can.

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