Summer fun!

The weather has turned lovely for the last few days, so the boys have been getting plenty of time outdoors on the deck.  I was really wary at first, since Barkis is so young, and they tend to have NO fear at that age.  So far he’s only placed his paw out of bounds once, but other than that he doens’t even seem to be tempted to.  This is surprising, as Oliver likes to test his boundries and I have to keep an eye on him.  I guess he’s still a “teenager” and therefore seeing how much he can get away with.  Either that, or he’s way to brave for his own good!
I have started off with a picture of the two boys.  Oliver loves to be up high and too look over the edge onto the neighbours balcony.  So, he of course hopped right on top of the BBQ to look.  Barkis, while quite the jumper, is still not able to reach the hights necessary to follow Oliver.  As you can see, he’s standing down below waiting and wishing.

Since we’ve been experiancing lots of sun and heat, my plants needed water.  Well, the Oleander just doesn’t seem to hold water well, and this became quite the point of interest for Barkis.  I tried to get pictures of him in the river of water, or drinking from it, but he always seemed to move before I could manage to take it.  So you’ll have to settle for him looking perplexed.
I adore this one.  The way he’s just sitting at the edge of it in deep contemplation.  He looks like a philospher cat or something.  Just seconds after he stuck is paw in and became quite displeased!  Do they never learn?

Finally a shot of just Oliver.  I had a slightly harder time getting any good ones of him, all he was really doing was sleeping 😦  In this one he’s sitting up on my Bistro table and watching the people down below.  He’s quite the little people watcher!

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