Barkis has arrived!!

After a long wait, Barkis has finally come home.  I was so excited to pick him up.  Heck, Cheryl even let me leave work an hour early – though this was most likely to shut me up!  I am pretty sure everyone was sick of hearing that it was the “big” day!  

He was pretty good on the trip home, though it was a long drive, and he was getting rather antsy.  He’s got a cry that could almost give Marvin a run for his money when in the car!  Once I got him home, he spent the next 1.5 hours exploring the apartment with Oliver hot on his heels.  I think Oliver really didn’t know what to make of this random cat, and of course to add insult to injury, my Mother had been here for the previous 3 days.  He didn’t know who was coming or going, or what was going on.  I’m glad to say, he’s over that concern 🙂 Here is Barkis getting ready to take a nap after his trip and exploration of the apartment.

I guess he decided that he likes his new home, but he’s not so big on bubbles.  I love bubbles, and since we had little Riley, I’ve wanted all my pets to love bubbles as much as Riley did.  Alas, it is beginning to seem that this is never going to happen.  When I first exposed him to the Catnip bubbles (yes, things like that exist) he was so startled that he fell off the top of the cat tree!  Granted Oliver wasn’t when he first saw them either, though he never took a fall as a result.  Once I took out the touchable bubbles he became curious, though still rather unsure.  If only I caught the expression on his face with this picture!

Here he is just relaxing in Oliver’s carrier.  This surprisingly enough has not resulted in any fights.  I really thought that if Oliver was going to put his paw down about something that it would be his carrier.  Apparently he doesn’t mind at all if Barkis takes over every now and then.

As you can see in the next two photos, Barkis has decided that Oliver is his new best friend.  Every where that Oliver goes, Barkis is just behind him.  I am hoping that this will result in him learning the rules of the house a little more quickly.  After all, why would Barkis want to get up on the counter or table if Oliver NEVER does it (at least I like to believe that Oliver never does so).  Poor Oliver has barely had a moment of alone time since Barkis joined us.  (at this time he has managed to get away for a bit, I suspect Barkis will wake up and come looking any minute now)

I suspect Oliver’s greatest indignity with Barkis’ arrival is this:

He can’t even spend time in the carrier alone anymore!  Barkis loves him so much that he’ll just climb on in and curl up on top of Oliver.  You should see the looks Oliver gives me when this happens.  I try to tell him that he did all the same things to Marvin when he was a kitten, but either he doesn’t understand me, or he simply doesn’t want to hear this.  I guess he became so frusterated with this last night that he decided to take matters into his own paws.  
Soft sided carriers are great for “squishing” smaller cats that won’t give you a moments peace, or so it would appear!  

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