100 things to do

For my 28th Birthday C and M got me a great little book called The Book of 100 Things to Do Before You Die.

This book is fantastic, it’s all science related things so there are super cool ones like extract your own DNA all the way to slight distrubing ones such as watching dung beetles roll away your poo.  There are few in this book that I will flat out refuse to do (help deliver a baby animal) or simply do not have the finances to do (fly into space), but of the remaining ones I plan on working my way through them.  Of course I’ll need to share each and everyone of these with you, and this will be the spot to make them easy to access.

Come, join me on a journey of discovery that will hopefully take the rest of my life!


3 responses to “100 things to do

  1. Looking forward to hearing the stories.

  2. Mum

    Sounds like a great journey. Do as much as you possibably can and just enjoy. xxoo

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